Secretary Of State Wants Fines

Casper, Wy – Secretary of State Joe Meyer thinks state
law should punish primary candidates who file financial reports
late, but not by removing them from the general election ballot.
Meyer met with the Legislature's Corporations, Elections and
Political Subdivisions Committee in Casper yesterday (Thursday).
He told the lawmakers that access to the ballot is guaranteed
under the Wyoming Constitution. He says that's why he recommended
that five successful legislative canddiates who filed financial
disclosure reports late after the August primary should be allowed
to take part in the general election.
Of those, four were uncontested in the primary. That meant they
had few, if any, receipts or expenditures to report.
Meyer also pointed out that even if a candidate is removed from
the ballot, the replacement is named by the local precinct
committee. At least in theory, that committee could name the
candidate who was taken off the ballot.
Instead of removal from the ballot, Meyer suggested enforcing
the law with a civil penalty such as a fine.