Section of Yellowstone Temporarily Closed After Bear Attack

Laramie, WY – A section of Yellowstone National Park
west of Gardiner, Montana, has been temporarily closed following a
grizzly bear attack on a hunter over the weekend.

The bear attacked 21-year-old Roman Morris on Saturday. It bit and clawed him, severing his left hamstring, puncturing his shoulder and chomping at his head.

The bear ran off after a friend fired a pistol. Morris is a freshman wide receiver on the Carroll College
football team. The doctor told him he can't put pressure or weight on his injured leg for the next month or so, and that it could be about a year before it's back to normal.

Morris is a premed major at Carroll, and he won't be playing any more football this year.

The same area of Yellowstone National Park was closed last month
after another bow hunter was mauled by a bear. The Gallatin National Forest has also closed some nearby areas in response to the bear attacks over the weekend.