Sen. Enzi won't sign Americans for Tax Reform pledge

Nov 30, 2012

Conservative activist Grover Norquist says U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi will have to be accountable to the people of Wyoming if he backs off a pledge to not raise taxes.
Enzi said Thursday he will abide by his oath of office but won't sign or be bound by any lawmaker pledges, including the Americans for Tax Reform pledge championed by Norquist.
The pledge calls for opposing increases to marginal income tax rates and to oppose any net cuts to tax deductions or credits unless the moves are offset by reduced tax rates.
Norquist says Enzi promised the people of Wyoming he wouldn't raise their taxes, and he says if the Republican wants to change his mind, "he has to tell them."
The pledge has become an issue as lawmakers work to avoid automatic tax increases and budget cuts set to take effect next year if they can't reach a deal.