Sen. Hastert will draft a Medicaid expansion bill

Dec 10, 2012

Governor Matt Mead has said that he opposes expanding Medicaid services in the state, but a State Senator disagrees. 

Democrat John Hastert of Green River says he is drafting legislation to expand services, which would allow more residents to participate in the program. 

“Wyoming will save money by participating in that, so I am in favor of doing that.  Simply because I believe it will be savings to the state and a benefit to the citizens of Wyoming.”

The Wyoming Department of Health has projected that expanding Medicaid would save the state over 30 million dollars in the long term.  The department will explain its study on Wednesday. 

But some are concerned.  Incoming House Appropriations Chairman Steve Harshman fears that federal matching dollars for the program could go away, leaving Wyoming to pick up the pieces.