Sen. Health and Labor Committee approves Medicaid reform

Jan 16, 2013

After several days of discussion, the Senate Health and Labor Committee approved a bill that is intended to reform Medicaid in Wyoming.  Medicaid is an expensive program for the state to run and lawmakers have been looking at how to reduce costs, but not take away services.  One significant change would be how the state handles those with developmental disabilities and brain injuries.  The state spends $120 million a year on those services. Cheyenne Senator Leslie Nutting says they would reduce costs without eliminating services by trying to focus coverage on services that people actually need.

“I think this is going to capture an ability to continue to provide services, they’ll be more individualized, so that the services may be different… based on the needs of the person and those will be assessed more accurately.” 

As for long term care, the bill attempts to reduce waiting lists for services and only put people in expensive Nursing Home Care when necessary.  The measure now heads to the Senate floor.