Sen. Mockler treated for pneumonia

Cheyenne, Wyo. – Wyoming Sen. Jayne Mockler is recovering from surgery to treat pneumonia that resulted from a fall she took while campaigning for the office of Cheyenne mayor.

State Sen. Kathy Sessions says Mockler, a Democrat from Laramie County, underwent surgery Sunday at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Sessions is a friend of Mockler and a volunteer in Mockler's mayoral campaign.

Sessions says Mockler, who is 51 years old, fell and hit the right side of her back near her lung about six weeks ago. She says Mockler ignored pain from the fall until she went to the hospital a week ago.

Sessions says Mockler is staying in the Cheyenne mayor's race. Mockler is running against Rick Kaysen in the Nov. 4 election.

Mockler has served 16 years in the state Legislature and is not seeking re-election for her Senate term that ends in January.