Sen. Thomas (R-WY) to Oppose Immigration Bill

Washington, D.C. – Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas says he will
oppose immigration legislation pending in the Senate because he believes it would allow illegal immigrants to continue to sidestep responsibility.
Thomas, a Republican, said he is concerned about provisions in the current version of the bill that would allow some illegal immigrants eventually to become citizens.
Thomas also said he is frustrated with Senate votes to defeat several recent amendments. The amendments would have removed provisions to allow eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants and
would have made sure that illegal immigrants can't begin the process of applying for Social Security.
A spokesman for the state's other senator, Republican Mike Enzi, said the senator has not yet made up his mind on the bill.
In a statement, Enzi said new laws should provide some incentive for temporary immigrant workers to return home permanently after their work in the U-S has expired.
The Senate is expected to hold a final vote on the bill by the end of this week.