Sen. Thomas on Washington Partisanship

Washington, DC – Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas is somewhat frustrated by the continued level of partisan bickering in Washington. Thomas says over the last few years, partisanship has been growing, especially during the 2004 Presidential race. He hoped things would settle down after that race, but says it hasn't, as evidenced by the recent fights over judicial nominations. Thomas says as a Senator, you still have friends across the aisle and thinks sometimes the partisanship issue really only shows up in the national media. But he says when there are differences of opinion, you have to stand up for what you believe in and try to find other issues where agreement is easier to find. Thomas says that's why the energy bill is being brought up this week. He thinks there's bipartisan agreement on that effort, as well as on the transportation bill. Thomas says he's even seen agreement between Republicans and Democrats over parts of the social security issue.