Senate addresses Pavillion water with money

Feb 20, 2012

The Wyoming Senate has approved adding 750-thousand dollars for a water system to help residents of Pavillion whose water may be contaminated. The E-P-A has indicated that a number of residents should not drink water from their wells do to high levels of contaminants. 

Senator Eli Bebout asked for the funding in the omnibus water bill, but senator Charles Scott questioned why the State needs to pay for the water and wondered how bad it really was. 

Bebout said that for some, the water is a problem.

There are certain conditions and certain wells that you cannot drink the water…but you can use it for other domestic use.  There are other wells where you may not be able to do that.”

Ag. Committee Chairman Gerry Geis asked the Senate to fund the project so that the state can help those residents and start putting the issue behind them.  The Senate will debate the bill two more times.