Senate approves bill to thin bison herds

Feb 27, 2013

The State Legislature passed a bill that would allow hunters to try and thin wild bison herds in northwest Wyoming.  But an amendment added in the Senate led to a lot of debate in the House. 

The Senate amendment would give $250,000 to the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to defend the second amendment rights of Wyoming citizens “to possess and use any firearm” that is useful in hunting bison.  Many saw this as a way to add a gun rights law to a bill that deals with bison hunting. 

But after determining that the amendment would have little impact, and noting that it was the last day of the legislative session, Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau urged the House to pass the bill.

“And I urge you not to sacrifice good legislation for a few words that are just a political statement.”

House Floor Leader Kermit Brown doubted that the money would ever be spent. 

The bill heads to the governor for his consideration.