Senate approves Oil and Gas Supervisor changes

Jan 14, 2013

A bill that changes the qualifications for the position of Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Supervisor has unanimously passed the State Senate.

The bill changes the requirements for the Supervisor from a registered professional petroleum engineer or geologist, to an engineer or geologist with ten years of experience in his respective field of expertise.

Energy and Legislative advocate with the Wyoming Outdoor Council, Richard Garrett, says it may be valuable to consider applicants’ assets fully.

The job perhaps deserves to be filled by somebody that is not just a petroleum geologist or an engineer but possibly somebody that’s got some broader administrative experience and a familiarity with rules and procedures, as well. 

The agency has had difficulty finding a new, permanent supervisor since the last supervisor, Tom Doll, resigned this summer after remarks made at a meeting of oil and gas regulators. The change's goal is to expand the pool of eligible applicants for the position.