Senate considers bankrolling natural gas-station

Feb 29, 2012

While the Wyoming Senate debated how to spend Abandoned Mine Land funds today, members discussed setting aside one million dollars to build a natural gas conversion and fueling facility for state and private vehicles. 

Lawmakers say an unidentified private donor is expected to match the state’s million dollars.  Previously,the University of Wyoming was going to put a fueling station in southeast Wyoming. But Senator John Schiffer amended the bill to put the Wyoming Department of Transportation in charge of the effort, since WYDOT has been involved in a similar facility in southwest Wyoming. 

Schiffer has high hopes for using natural gas for state and private vehicles, but he doesn’t want the state to be in charge for long.

“We want to transition this facility as rapidly as possible out of state operation and intro the private sector.”

Schiffer says Wyoming would eventually sellthe facility, but believes the state should be involved in “building and nurturing” the fueling and conversion station. 

Senator Cale Case believes that the legislature mightneed to put Schiffer’s suggested arrangement in writing. 

The A-M-L funding bill will be debated for a final time on Thursday.