Senate debates latest workplace safety measure

Feb 11, 2013

A bill that would give Wyoming employers a ten-percent discount on their workers’ compensation payments in exchange for implementing workplace safety initiatives has received initial approval from the State Senate. 

Employers would have to sign up for OSHA’s health and safety consultation program. 

Senator Eli Bebout of Riverton says the program should be a big help for smaller employers.


“One when the people come from the department out there and work with the small employer to try to look at different things to do, rather than writing pink slips, you work together, you have consultation, you come up with a plan, you implement it, you move forward, it does really work.  And I can tell you from my perspective; we are doing a better job of safety.”

Workplace safety has been a problem in Wyoming for more than a decade. 

Senator Charles Scott says it’s important to keep making strides in this area. 

The bill will be debated two more times.