Senate Debates Prison Placement for First Time

Cheyenne, Wy – Despite complaints that the system used to place the new medium security prison was flawed Torrington remains the site of choice. During debate several Senators questioned the selection process. Senator Cale Case of Lander says the scoring system was very flawed and nobody that picked the site knew anything about business or economics. He also says there will be economic leakages to Nebraska that should be considered. Rawlins Senator Bill Vasey says he wants to keep the issue from getting personal, but he argued that his community is set up to host the new prison and it would cheaper and faster to build it there.
Senator Curt Meier of La Grange counters that new infrastructure will be required no matter where the prison is built. A motion to place the prison in Rawlins failed by a vote. The bill to place the prison in Torrington will move to second reading.