Senate holds Greg Phillips confirmation hearing

Mar 19, 2013

Wyoming Attorney General Greg Phillips appeared before a U-S Senate committee Tuesday to discuss his nomination to the tenth circuit court of appeals.  

Phillips, a Democrat, was nominated by President Barack Obama.  During his confirmation hearing, U-S Senator Mike Enzi said that Phillips is well thought of.             

“I served with Greg in the Wyoming Legislature and can say with confidence that he is recognized throughout the Wyoming legal community as a talented, respected and thoughtful attorney.  And while I served with him in the State Senate, I can assure you that he was recognized as a talented and respected legislator as well.”

U-S Senator John

Barrasso also spoke on behalf of Phillips.  Phillips previously served as a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Cheyenne and also worked as a lawyer for the state and in private practice in Cheyenne.  The committee will decide whether to bring Phillips' nomination to the full Senate.