Senate wants AML money to fund UW upgrades

Feb 28, 2012

The Wyoming Senate voted to use Abandoned Mine Land money to fund upgrades for the University of Wyoming’s Performing Arts Center and College of Engineering. 

At the same time, the Senate added language to the bill, saying that the Joint Minerals Committee will look for ways to enhance the College of Engineering. 

Senate Appropriations Chairman Phil Nicholas says enhancing the College of Engineering both through construction and innovation should be a focus.

“It would almost be a shame to come out of this economic cycle, with a College of Engineering that ought to be the heart and soul of our innovation, our research, training our young people to get into these areas, it would really be a shape not to have that institution in tip top shape.”

To pay for the upgrades, Nicholas removed 30 million dollars from the 100 million that was slated for highways.  Some objected to removing highway money, but Nicholas countered,saying that the legislature needs to come back next year and develop a permanent highway revenue source. 

The Senate will debate the bill two more times.