Senator Barrasso concerned about the spill, but also drilling.

Washington D-C –
Executives from three oil-drilling companies are testifying on Capitol Hill this week. Senator John Barasso doesn't want the spill to get in the way of off-shore drilling. As hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil continued to pollute the Gulf of Mexico, top brass from Halliburton, Transocean and BP testified before an unaccommodating Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
Barrasso has tough words for the three:
"Reading the written testimony I hear one message, and the message is: Don't blame me.' Well shifting this blame does not get us very far."
The problem is, Barrasso told that to a panel of scientists and not the oil company executives. They spoke second, and Barrasso left before they took center stage. He stopped short of saying the companies need to stop drilling elsewhere while cleanup continues. In fact, he took the chance to endorse more off-shore drilling. "Blocking future off-shore drilling only means we'll import more from foreign countries."
Barrasso says the US can develop better off-shore drilling technology than other countries with oil.