Senator Barrasso Frustrated by Stimulus Bill

Cheyenne, WY –
U-S Senator John Barrasso says he remains frustrated over the recently passed stimulus bill. While he endorses funding for roads and some needed infrastructure projects, he says it is mostly a collection of congressional pet projects that have not gotten approved in the past. Barrasso says that if Congress had taken its time and held hearings, they would have come up with something that would have helped the country. But he says that all they did was spend a lot of money.
"When you look at the whole 14 hundred page bill and the price tag, the most expensive bill in the history of the United States," Senator Barrasso says. "I say we should have taken more time and gotten it right. Not fired all of our bullets, and then be out of ammunition in case we have to come back and do something else."
Barrasso says he finds it interesting that a number of Governors object to the strings attached to the bill and likely will not accept a lot of the money.