Senator Barrasso opposes extending benefits

Washington, DC – Senate Democrats are scrambling to find enough votes for a bill that aims to help Wyoming residents cope with the tough economy. Two lawmakers who have to be won over are Wyoming Senators John Barrasso and Mike Enzi. Sara Sciammacco reports from Washington.

One bill provision would extend unemployment benefits to millions of people across the country - including an estimated 18-hundred in Wyoming who may lose their benefits this week. It comes at a time when unemployment still remains at record levels. However, the legislation, which is part of a jobs and tax extenders package, has stalled in the Senate. Republicans, like John Barrasso, and even some Democrats are objecting because of its overall cost.
"I want to make sure we are not passing laws that are going to put additional debt on our kids and grandkids so I want to see something that is actually paid and the people of Wyoming see this as the debt is the threat. They don't want us to spend money we don't have."
Last week, Barrasso and Senator Mike Enzi voted against a procedural move known as cloture that would have ended debate and brought the bill to the floor for a vote. Democratic leaders are now working quickly on tweaking and possibly scaling down the bill to attract more support.
From Capitol News Connection, for Wyoming Public Radio, I'm Sara Sciammacco