Senator Barrasso says coal and gas will remain in the country's future

Laramie, Wy – U-S Senator John Barrasso says despite the efforts of some, he predicts that few cutbacks in energy development will actually occur. Barrasso sits on both the Senate energy and environment committees. He says development of alternative energy sources is a good idea,but he says there is no way that cutbacks can occur in the development of fossil fuels.
"We need it all. So we need the wind energy, the solar energy, but we need the oil, the gas, the uranium, the coal. Because we are gonna continue to use it all. When you look at what's happening with energy demand, the demand is going up quicker for energy then what we are able to produce in terms of added on renewable energy in terms of wind and solar."
Barrasso says the Obama administration is trying to slow energy development with new on-shore drilling regulations. Barrasso is trying to overturn those rules. He says the administration should just enforce rules that they already have in place. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says overzealous drilling has led to environmental problems and lawsuits. Barrasso spoke on WPR's Open Spaces.