Senator concerned about tuition hikes

Laramie, Wy – The recent tuition increase at the University of Wyoming is concerning at least one state senator. Curt Meier from LaGrange says he would prefer the University of Wyoming keep tuition and fees flat because an increase will dilute the value of the state's Hathaway Scholarship and put pressure on the state to increase the scholarship. He says increases of five percent over the next two years are ok but he notes the university has a plan that would continue the increases, so that tuition rises 20 percent after four years.
"Basically that might mean your honors scholarship are like your performance scholarships because they're not keeping pace with tuition inflation."
University President Tom Buchanan says the current tuition increase was needed to continue improving the school's library. But he adds U-W is willing to listen to proposals tying tuition increases to Hathaway Scholarship payouts.