Senator Enzi talks education reform

Laramie, WY –
Wyoming's senior U-S Senator, Mike Enzi, questioned Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about possible changes to the No Child Left Behind Act today (Wednesday). Secretary Duncan and President Obama are proposing updates to the law. Enzi told the secretary that lawmakers will use the proposed changes as a blueprint going forward. And Enzi says he will pay special attention to how the law addresses rural schools, districts and states.
"No Child Left Behind has been criticized for being a one size fits all law. A claim that has rung especially true in the rural areas. I appreciate that the blueprint tries to recognize the unique nature of rural schools and districts. However, despite these good efforts I think additional adjustments will likely be needed."
Senator Enzi is a member of the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee, which has started discussions on revamping the No Child Left Behind Act. Enzi says the new law needs to allow schools to maintain more local control.