Sexual assault took place at Children's Home

Laramie, WY – The Albany County Sheriff's Office says a former counselor at Cathedral Home for Children in Laramie has pleaded guilty to Sexual Assault in the 3rd degree for having sexual relations with a teenage resident. The Sheriff's Office says it began investigating the case in September and learned the 31-year-old female counselor had sexual relations with a 17-year-old male resident in custody of the state. The former counselor pleaded guilty on Monday. Department of Family Services spokesperson Juliette Rule says she can't comment on details - but this kind of thing is very serious. "It's tragic, and this is why we really rely on other adults in those situations to do the right thing and make the call, and let us know or let law enforcement know," Rule says.
Cathedral Home's website says it is a residential and treatment facility for troubled and traumatized youth. According to the Sheriff's Office, Cathedral Home contacted DFS about the counselor in September, and DFS alerted authorities the same day.