"Shake and bake" for meth not yet in Wyo.

Laramie, WY – The Drug Enforcement Administration in Wyoming says to their knowledge, a new and simpler method of methamphetamine production has not yet hit the state.

The method is known as "shake and bake." It requires only a two-liter soda bottle, some cold medication and common household chemicals...whereas older methods of meth production require a much wider range of materials. Jay Erickson is in charge of DEA's offices in Wyoming. He says although they haven't seen this method here yet, they are concerned: "Any type of manufacture and use of meth is always a concern for us, and the public, and the damage it does with the mixture and the waste that's left behind."

Erickson says a big issue is that the shake and bake method only requires a small number of cold pills. That makes it easier for people to get around laws designed to track large purchases of those pills. Erickson says DEA has already seen shake and bake used in northern Colorado.