Sheridan Does Recount

Sheridan, Wy – There may be a recount in that close U-S
House race between Representative Barbara Cubin and Gary Trauner
after all.
Three Sheridan Democrats say they plan to conduct a hand recount
of Sheridan County's results in the race to see whether the
county's new voting machines are accurate.
Cubin, a Republican, beat Democrat Trauner by just over a
thousand votes in the November general election. Cubin won the race
in Sheridan County by 628 votes.
Sheridan County Democrat Liz Howell is one of those planning to
conduct the local recount.
She says the recount is not to remove Cubin from office, but is
being done to ensure the new voting machines counted the ballots
A date has not been set for the recount.
Others participating in the recount say Trauner has nothing to
do with it.
Trauner briefly considered seeking a recount but rejected the
idea because Wyoming state law doesn't provide for hand recounting
of ballots.