Sheridan gets DEQ funding to clean up local water

Dec 5, 2011

A grant from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality to the city of Sheridan will be used to address pollution in the Little Goose and Goose creeks. Sheridan mayor Dave Kinskey says the 400-thousand dollar award will be used to restore what used to be clean, healthy streams which are now overly polluted.

“That pollution results from runoff from city streets going directly into goose creek,” says Kinskey. “The money would be used to build storm interceptors that would catch the runoff during storms, allow all the sediment and pollutants to settle out and the water then to go on much cleaner into goose creek.”

A DEQ watershed analysis from 2010 showed excessive amounts of sediments in the Goose creeks. Part of the funding will be used to monitor water quality in the waterways.

Mayor Kinskey says pollution in the water took time to build up and will take more time to subside, but that the new grant will boost efforts to save the creeks.