Sheridan Waters Receeding

Sheridan, Wy – Creeks and streams in northern and central
Wyoming began receding today (Thursday) as rain gave way to snow,
but forecasters are concerned that a weekend warmup could initiate
another round of flooding.
In Sheridan, National Guard troops, city workers and volunteers
filled about ten-thousand sandbags to stem the rising waters of Big
and Little Goose creeks.
Some basements in Sheridan were flooded, mainly due to rising
groundwater levels.
The Weather Service says that since last Friday, Sheridan has
received nearly six inches of moisture.
Officials said that some county roads were washed out in
Sheridan and Big Horn counties, and 17 Mile Road between Ethete
and Arapahoe in Fremont County was closed for much
of yesterday due to water flowing over low-lying portions.