Sheriff's Deputy Shoots Pit Bulls in Cheyenne

Laramie, WY – A sheriff's deputy shot two pits bulls,
killing one and wounding the other, during an encounter with the dogs in Cheyenne.
Police say Sergeant Joe Hartigan had responded to a call that
three pit bulls had cornered a man in a shed at his home in a
residential neighborhood.
Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokesman Gerry Luce says
the pit bulls belonged to another neighbor.
While Hartigan was looking for a way to get the man out of the
shed, the dogs went after the deputy.
The deputy retreated and used pepper spray.
When the pepper spray failed to ward off the dogs, Hartigan
resorted to his handgun.
The deputy was not bitten or hurt in the encounter.
Luce says animal control is investigating, and no charges have
been filed.

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AP-NY-10-04-07 1330EDT