Shooter May Have Fled Into The Wilderness

Cheyenne, Wy – Police say the man suspected of shooting
his estranged wife through a glass door at an Old Chicago
restaurant in Cheyenne might have fled for the woods.
Captain Jeff Schulz says that people who know 36-year-old David
Munis have told police that Munis is a big hunter and avid
But Schulz says that doesn't narrow the search any, pointing out
that the woods is a big area when you're talking about Wyoming and
Montana. Authorities say that Munis has relatives in Montana and a
friend at an Army base in Kentucky they want to stay in touch with.
Forty-year-old Robin Munis was shot while singing in a band at
the restaurant after midnight on Saturday. Police suspect that the
bullet came from a high-caliber rifle from the parking lot behind
the restaurant. They found the bullet lodged in a door frame.
Schulz says police had talked with David Munis just hours before
the shooting, after Robin Munis reported getting several harassing
but non-threatening phone calls from him.
Schulz says David Munis had agreed to stop calling his wife's
cell phone.