Shyatt Returns

LARAMIE, wyo – The Wyoming Cowboys basketball team has struggled in recent years, but new Coach Larry Shyatt is optimistic that things will turn around soon.
Yet, Shyatt is urging patience.
Shyatt coached Wyoming 13 years ago and says it's still a tough league, and he admits it's sometimes difficult to get good players to come to Laramie.
But he is prepared to do what it takes to get the team winning again and he thinks his experience as a coach will help

" I don't worry any less, I don't have any more patience than I did, but working with the people they afforded me the luxury to hire here, I think we have a shot.," says Shyatt. " And the faster we are competitive the faster we can increase our recruiting load."

Shyatt says he is looking for tough, hard working players that want to get better. And he says he will be spending the summer trying to get fans interested in Cowboys basketball again.