Sierra Club Dislikes Grizzly Bear Plan

Laramie, Wy – The Director of Wyoming's chapter of the Sierra Club says the Grizzly Bear management plan limits the Grizzly Bears ability to roam in suitable habitat. Steve Thomas says the management plan that will be discussed by the Game and Fish Commission this week unfairly discourages Grizzly Bear populations in areas where it makes sense for Grizzlies to locate, such as the Wyoming Range. "In the Wyoming range there is great White Bark Pine habitat, which is one of the Bears primary foods, yet they included the Wyoming range and the upper Wind River from areas where they will allow the bear to occupy." So, as the White Park Pine food source gets eliminated in Yellowstone, "it's going to put pressure on these bears to move out and about."
Thomas charges that boundaries drafted by the Game and Fish were done more for political reasons, rather then using science. Game and Fish officials say they are basing their recommendations on more then 17 thousand public comments on the issue.