Simpson To Lead Arts Council

Cheyenne, Wy – Milward Simpson -- who bears the same name as his grandfather, the former Wyoming governor and U-S senator -- has been hired as program manager of the Wyoming Arts Council.
State Parks and Cultural Resources Director Phil Noble made the announcement today (Thursday) of Simpson's hiring, effective February 18th.
The younger Milward Simpson has spent a lifetime in the arts.
Upon receiving his bachelor's degree in music performance from the University of Wyoming in 1989, he moved to Denver where he worked as a director, actor, musician, music educator, sound designer and audio technician.
In 1999, Simpson earned a master's degree from the University of Colorado at Denver, then served as artistic director of the Wyoming Territorial Park in Laramie.
During the past three years, he was executive director of a performing and visual arts center serving Saint Cloud, Minnesota.
Simpson succeeds John Coe, who headed the Arts Council for about ten years before being named special projects coordinator for the Division of Cultural Resources last June.