Skiers Will Be Required To Be Safe

Jackson, Wy – Reckless skiers and snowboarders beware.
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is seeking to make its slopes safer in
the wake of five accidental deaths over the past two winters at the
Under the formal system of penalties, unsafe skiers or
snowboarders could lose their pass for up to two weeks for a first
violation, while two violations in a three-year span will result in
an automatic one-year loss of lift privileges. The repercussions
for reckless skiing are particularly harsh for repeat offenders,
who could face a lifetime ban from the Mountain Resort after a
third offense.
Ski patrollers will still be given latitude when imposing
penalties for first-time violators or in the case of a collision.
Whether a first offender is given a warning or a more severe
penalty could depend on the skier's willingness to understand the
nature of the infraction.
Olympic gold medal downhiller Tommy Moe says he understands why
the ski area is emphasizing safe skiing, but hopes that speed
enthusiasts will still be able to enjoy groomed slopes that are
devoid of skiers.