Snowfall Will Help Address The Drought

Laramie, Wy – Recent heavy snowfall throughout most of Wyoming may alleviate drought conditions.
Wyoming's state climatologist Steve Grey says recent heavy snow may have returned the state's snow pack to healthier levels. Although Grey says recovering from an ongoing drought will take more time. Essentially he says the moisture has put the state in a better position to enter the dryer summer months. Snow pack is critical to the state's water supply and because of earlier losses in that pack there's still a lot of dry soil that needs to be as Grey put it recharged. While recharging the soil and replenishing the state's reservoirs which basically act as our water savings accounts could take many many months grasslands and agriculture could reap some immediate benefits from all of this precipitation. And if April goes on record as it generally does as one of the state's wettest months water conditions could be looking even better.