Snowmobilers Go Off-Road in Yellowstone

Laramie, Wy – Officials in Yellowstone say snowmobilers illegally entered the park and rode across several meadows on the west side, trampling some shrubs and small trees.
In a statement Monday, park officials called the weekend incident the worst case of off-road snowmobile travel ever recorded along the West Entrance Road. The matter remains under investigation, and officials are asking that anyone with information contact park law enforcement.
Park spokeswoman Cheryl Matthews says there have been intrusions into the backcountry before but nothing like what happened over the weekend.
Officials say that sometime early Saturday two snowmobilers came into the park along a ski trail near the town of West Yellowstone. They say the riders went down the trail to the West Entrance Road and continued on the groomed road to near Madison Junction, going off-road into meadows along the way.
Matthews says the impact is obvious, with shrubs and small trees trampled along the way.