Snowmobiles will have flexible limits in Yellowstone

Laramie, WY – Yellowstone National Park has released its recommendations for over snow travel in the park and snowmobiles and snow coaches will still be allowed. The proposed plan recommends that the amount of motorized vehicles allowed in the winter would vary between about 100 and 300 per day.
Those using snowmobiles will still require a guide to enter the park, and Yellowstone superintendent Dan Wenk says he expects both support and opposition to various portions of the proposal over the 60 day comment period that began Thursday.
"I believe that we have evaluated a full range of alternatives and I think we should have a very vibrant discussion about these alternatives that were considered and not included, as well as what is included in the preferred alternative."
Wenk says quotas for motorized vehicles allowed in the park would be based on past trends, but will remain flexible based on how the limits impact visitation as well as winter conditions.
The public comment period on the plan closes mid July.