Soldiers Get Extension on Health Insurance

Laramie, Wy – The Department of Defense is going to provide health insurance for some reservists and National Guard members longer now. The change is for soldiers activated since September 11th, 2001. Colonel Roberta Standish from the Wyoming National Guard Army Medical Command says this was needed to make sure soldiers are physically ready when they are called upon to serve. She says so far no member of the Wyoming National Guard has been unable to serve, but last year some people had dental problems when preparing to deploy. Standish says this was because they did not have a dental insurance plan and did not get normal care, so her staff had to scramble to get them taken care of before they could mobilize them.
This change by the Department of Defense only applies to people that have already been activated. Colonel Standish says previously soldiers could only stay on military health insurance for a maximum of six months after a deployment.
She says it would be better if they provided this health insurance for all reservists and members of the National Guard.