Some Dogs Survive Canine Influenza

Laramie, Wy – Seventeen dogs that the Cheyenne Animal
Shelter that did not euthanize after an outbreak of canine influenza have recovered from the illness.
That has raised questions about whether the shelter made the right decision to put down 42 dogs earlier this month.
Tests by the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory confirmed that
the dogs spared by the shelter did have the flu.
Karolyn Middleton is a member of a local group that has opposed the shelter's decision to put down the dogs.
She says the surviving dogs prove the dog flu is treatable and the whole situation was blown out of proportion.
But the shelter director continues to defend the action because the 42 dogs put down were getting sicker and quarantining the whole shelter would not have helped. Also, they say there was a lack of information early on about the illness.