Source of Teton County Brucellosis Unknown

Lander, Wy – There has yet to be any testing of elk and bison to determine if either is the original source of Teton County's recent brucellosis cases in cattle. One cow tested positive for the disease this summer and now four animals from a neighboring herd also have it.
The federal vet in charge of Wyoming says his agency will want elk and bison killed, and then tested for brucellosis. But Game and Fish Wildlife Veterinarian Terry Kreeger says that may not have much value. Kreeger says comparing the strain of brucellosis in a cow with the disease in an elk, for example, can only tell you if there are similarities.
Kreeger says this testing only allows you to make inferences about transmission. The federal veterinarian for Wyoming says his agency still wants to test so their investigation can be as complete as possible. He says being thorough will help when Wyoming eventually applies to have its brucellosis-free status restored.