Speaker of the House says he was not trying to intimidate UW

Laramie, WY – Wyoming Speaker of the House Colin Simpson says he was not trying to intimidate the University of Wyoming when he issued a press release late last month concerning a previously scheduled visit by Bill Ayers. Simpson who is also running for Governor asked the University to not allow Ayers to speak on campus. In a press release he wrote ... "I think it is a huge mistake for UW to allow Ayers' appearance to go forward, and it will jeopardize the broad support the university enjoys in the state and in the legislature." Unquote. Simpson says that was not his intention intimidate U-W and he does not intend to meddle in U-W issues if elected governor, "The University of Wyoming has a board of trustees and a President and an administration and I don't think the governor should be meddling in the affairs of the University. But I also believe that the University community and that board also needs to consider legislative opinion about issues."
Simpson did admit that after all the negative publicity U-W has received from canceling Ayers that it might have been better if he had just been allowed to speak. But Simpson says the best approach would to have not invited him in the first place.