Special election looms in HD 22

Laramie, Wyo. – The State Election Director says the potential exists for a special election in House District 22 after records showed that 11 people voted in the wrong place.

Peggy Nighswonger says the final decision will be made by the state canvassing board next Wednesday. But she says it is possible that voters in Sublette, Lincoln and Teton counties will be asked to return to the polls on November 25th.

"If the canvassing board feels that what happened that day were material errors that could affect the outcome of the election, they would certainly call for a special election," she says.

The race between Democrat Jim Roscoe and Republican Charles Stough was separated by only four votes. Election officials say 11 people voted in District 22 when they should have registered in neighboring District 21.

Stough did not comment on the recount. But Roscoe says he was confused by the district's boundaries, and had to carry a map while he campaigned. He says he found himself knocking on doors in the wrong district.

"We drove over toward Marbleton and campaigned for a couple of hours on a road that was about a half mile outside the district," Roscoe says. "Yet everyone swore that their representative was Monte Olson, who is from house District 22. So they were wrong and we were wrong."

Roscoe says the state should consider redrawing the district to make it more understandable. Meanwhile, the state canvassing board will meet next week to decide if residents of the house district need to vote again.