Special Session Gets Underway

Cheyenne, Wy – July in Wyoming isn't just for baseball, hot dogs and rodeos.
This year, it's also time for lawmaking.
The Legislature this Monday opened a one-week special session to address the state's worsening shortage of doctors and
their increasing malpractice insurance rates.
Those rates are prompting many of them to leave the state, retire, or cut back their services.
The Senate got the jump on the House when Senate President April Brimmer Kunz of Cheyenne gaveled in at 9:30.
Governor Dave Freudenthal offered brief remarks to both the House and Senate at 10 o'clock.
According to prepared remarks, Freudenthal will suggest that lawmakers focus on subsidies to doctors, more research on complex issues, and trusting voters to decide whether to cap certain damage awards in malpractice suits.