State Agencies Urge For Flooding Preparedeness

LARAMIE, wyo – Wyoming's Department of Homeland Security says the chance of rivers flooding in the state this spring is high and, the department is urging people to take precautions.
Public Information Officer Kelly Ruiz says people should prepare a flood kit that could last at least three days, and should include food and water for people and pets, as well as medicine, clothes and even important papers.
Ruiz says people should create a plan for escape if they live in a flood prone area, and says when people hear an evacuation order, they should not linger
"It is a tendency for people to stay a little too long and hoping the waters will recede and that makes it difficult for first responders when the waters do rise," says Ruiz.

Ruiz says families should also create a plan of communication, in case they get separated.
State, local and federal agencies are also in the process of developing their flood plans.