State Asks To Dismiss Term Limits Challenge

Cheyenne, Wy – The Wyoming Attorney Generals office is asking a district court to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the state's term limits law. They argue the statute of limitations in the case are up. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of two legislators and two constituents. Their attorney Harriet Hageman disputes the claim, saying the earliest the clock would have started on the statute of limitations was when Governor Jim Geringer and Superintendent Judy Catchpole were prevented from seeking third terms. She disagrees with the state that the clock started in either 1992 or 1993.
In a three-page response filed Friday, the Attorney General's Office says Wyoming's statute of limitations in this case is ten years. The state also points to a statute that says anyone aggrieved by a ballot issue may file for a review within 30 days. The law bars the statewide elected officials from serving more than two, four-year terms in the same office. State senators are limited to three terms of four years each and state representatives to no more than six terms of two years.