State begins to develop a water strategy

Nov 4, 2013

Calling water a valuable Wyoming resource, Governor Matt Mead’s office is in the process of developing a long term water strategy similar to the recently developed energy policy.   Beginning this week a series of meetings will take place across the state that will gather feedback from citizens on how the state should proceed. 

Mead policy analyst Nephi  Cole  said they expect to hear about a number of issues.             

“Water development, water management, there is of course conservation and protection and restoration, and those are all critical areas.  And through these series listening sessions we can begin to scope and frame the different issues and opportunities related to water that might exist.” 

Cole said the feedback will help develop an initial approach.

“After we go through this first session of scoping what we hope to do is to take all these comments, all the input that we get from these meetings and these stakeholders, really digest them, look at them, develop some possible initiatives, then go out for a second set of meetings where we can talk in more detail about the framework we’ve come up with.”

The first meeting is Tuesday night at 5:30 at Pinedale’s Rendezvous Senior Center.