State to Bring Together Experts to Figure Out High Cost of Schools

Laramie, Wy – The state is going to hold a symposium to try and figure out why the cost of building schools is so high. The state took over school construction after a Supreme Court decision a few years ago.
The director of the School Facilities Commission, Bubba Shivler, says an example of the high costs came this week when they got a bid to build a school for twice as much as the cost it took to build the exact same school in Utah last year. Shivler says the symposium to address this issue will take place in mid to late August gathering architects, engineers, and builders.
Shivler says the cost of construction has gone up across the country, but normally it is between three to ten percent. In Wyoming he says it is up between 30 and 100 percent.
He says the problem is not lavish designs by architects.