State Department Will Watch Grade Inflation In Connection With Hathaway

Cheyenne, Wy – With the new Hathaway scholarship curriculum now in place the state department of education is watching another issue, grade inflation. State Superintendent Jim McBride calls it a real issue as school districts will have pressure to give students the highest grades possible so that they can acquire more Hathaway scholarship money. McBride says some districts that had rigorous standards for acquiring an A have made 90 percent an A. But McBride said another school district tried to retroactively tried to change their grades for three years, "so that all their seniors had better grades. We made that illegal said McBride.
McBride admits that grade inflation will likely occur which is why he favored having the statewide proficiency test as part of the Hathaway curriculum requirements. He says that way they could really see if students were proficient in required areas. Legislators voted that request down but McBride hopes they will re-vist the issue in the future.