State Health Department works on teen pregnancy rate

Laramie, Wyo. – The Wyoming Department of Health says the growing number of teen pregnancies in the state means that something must be done to address the problem. The Kids Count data book is the most recent publication to note that Wyoming teen pregnancies are increasing.

State Maternal and Family Health administrator Angela Crotsenberg says that they have developed partnerships with outside organizations to make things like family planning services more available to teens. She says they also want to do more work with schools. "Yeah, it will be tricky. But like the department of education I think we are here as a resource for school districts, so what we would like to do is partner with them and provide materials and referrals to sources in their community where teens can get more information."

Crotsenberg says they are also hoping to acquire federal funds to help with their effort. The Kids Count data book says teen pregnancies increased by 20-percent in 2008.