State looks for input on its coordinated care study

Oct 17, 2013

The Wyoming Department of Health will host five public forums to get input on whether managed or coordinated care would be a good fit for Wyoming’s Medicaid Program. 

Managed or coordinated care is viewed as a way to provide quality health care coverage at a reduced cost, mainly because someone would help guide those in the system. 

The Health Department’s Meredith Asay  is leading the study, she says the meetings will help the state determine what approaches might best in Wyoming.

“We want to make sure that we get a robust stakeholder input just because we know that no model will work without the buy-in of our stakeholders and we’ll get the best possible model for Wyoming after we talk to all of our interested parties.“

Lawmakers have been concerned about the high cost of Medicaid and Asay says this approach should help.

“Certainly when you have a better coordinated system or more coordinated care, you have somebody helping people manage, navigate the health care system, the hope would be that there would be a reduction in any wasteful care…if there was.”

The first meeting is October 21st in Cheyenne.  Other forums will be held in Casper, Gillette, Cody and Green River.