State may need to find new source of funding for energy research

Laramie, WY – This year the legislature will be asked to use some 83 million dollars in federal Abandoned Mine Land funding to pay for a number of science and energy related projects at the University of Wyoming. It's the latest in a series of funding projects using A-M-L money. But federal officials have told the state that the funding may no longer be available. During a meeting of the legislature's Joint Appropriations Committee Senator Phil Nicholas asked if there was any way to make up for that lost revenue. Nicholas says it is something the legislature should take a close look at in an effort to help the energy industry
"Spending about 87 million dollars a year for the last four or five years, principally designed to build facilities and research capacity in an effort to protect those industries. If that federal money is lost, is that something we need to make a place for in our budget."
Nicholas wants the appropriations committee to determine the importance of the A-M-L projects to the energy industry in the state.